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Bwaun Equa

Bwaun Equa
  • Bwaun Equa is a published author.
  • She is a recognized Native American Elder; Sacred Pipe Carrier; have the ability to conduct Sweat Lodges, Vision Quests, Giving of Names, Healing/Sharing Circles; a DreamWalker; a Heyoka (belonging to the Native American Clown Society); and a Rain Dancer.
  • She is an Internationally Ordained Spiritual Minister, and under that umbrella, I am an Internationally Certified Spiritual Healer.
  • She has worked with Kahunas on the Big Island of Hawaii, and Master Shamans in Central and South America.
  • Bwaun Equa is a Reiki Master.
  • An AEHF-T (Advanced Energy Healing Facilitator - Teacher.
  • This is the modality that I use most, when working with clients.)
  • A Spiritual Communication Facilitator.
  • A Spiritual Psychology Facilitator.
  • An Inverse Wave Facilitator.
  • A Certified DreamWalker.
  • A Certified Aromatherapist.
  • Certified to do, and teach, Healing with Sound Vibration.
  • She holds two (2) different degrees in the field of Nursing, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Services and Psychology from The College of St. Teresa in Winona, MN.

You can contact her at bwaunequa@yahoo.ca


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