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Charmaine Lee

Charmaine Lee


Charmaine's Neo-Shaman experiences started at a very young age. She experienced multi-dimensionality at an age of 4. She has taken this experience and many others into her training with many teachers to develop her innate strength and abilities.

She has many accomplishments in modern training methods and certifications in many areas. She takes these and combines them with her inner guidance and the guidance of her guides, angels and other beings from the other side of the veil to develop her ability.

She also used these to develop "Unlocking the Inner Mirror" The main component of the Foundation For Insight Mastery System. These courses let a student learn how to understand their core, why they act the way they do. Why the same type of things keep happening to them.

She also does Dimensional Soul Therapy, Cellular release and Light Connection sessions (Readings).

Visit her at an of her site. Explore and see if it is a fit.


Connect with Charmaine Lee
at her site www.neo-shaman.com