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What compels you?  Have you ever responded to something that caused you to react quickly to it?  Things that are compelling; irresistible. It inspires you and drives you to greater heights.  Does it invoke a deep sense of awareness that affects you to look within and question who you are and what you want?

We began this journey on the subject of Abuse.  Although this subject will project negative to some of you; it truly isn't. In order to slay the biggest giant, it is imperative to look it right into the eyes.

Is there anything in your life right now that compels you?  What gets you out of bed each morning? Is it for your family?  Is it for some cause that you believe in?  Do you even have a reason or are you just trudging through what has to be done?

This segment will be on every other month where you can call in and speak out on what compels you! Anything that may be on your mind that drives you crazy, passionate about, and/or something that drives you until you absolutely have to stop and do something about it.  If it motivates you to WAKE UP others this is where we can start instead of just waiting for something to happen. We are open to anything.

Email us your topics and subject you would like to hear on the show.


This is a panel show with listener call ins. Call in and make the show your show. We will have a general topic and call in and share your point of veiw. Or join us in the chat room. This will be share on air also.

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