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Christine McClendon

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Christine McClendon


Christine McClendon’s validation of her psychic abilities started very early in life.  She experienced the presence of angels and predicted a death that occurred within 24 hours at age 3.  She is a Certified Clairvoyant Psychic and a Certified Animal Communicator/Pet Psychic that also teaches various workshops and classes for both psychic fields.  She internationally offers various professional psychic readings with distant energy healing and classes that assist in empowering People and Animals.

Growing up as a child psychic plus certifications and courses that she taken over the years, she has developed her unique innate abilities and strengths to speak psychically to people, animals, and angels that are living or no longer with us in spirit.

Her past experience with abandonment and abuse, (and even one that lead to temporarily being on the other side of the veil) has given her beautiful gift of true understanding and compassion for all those (both animals and people) she assist in guidance and healing from abuse.

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