Insights for the Soul

Always remember
No matter what happens you have a choice.


Now, I’m not saying that there are always easy choices, and in some situations, you may feel there is no choice but, ultimately you can always choose how you react to any situation; you can respond reactively or proactively.

If you choose to respond reactively or give in to the reactive response you will be influenced by the environment and outside forces. Ultimately becoming “a victim of your circumstances.” you become a victim of your circumstances, and your future is being created for you.

However, in choosing to respond proactively, you take personal responsibility for your life rather than just watching how things go. You create your future, and you “become the cause.”

The problem is often you react before you realise it, I call this “the reactive response” and that takes away your choice or more accurately your subconscious mind has made the choice for you before you realise it.

It is NOT WHAT happens BUT it is HOW you react that determines your future.