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Always remember
No matter what happens you have a choice.

You can choose how you react to everything that happens.

Even not doing anything is a choice.

If you choose to respond reactively or give in to the reactive response you will be influenced by the environment and outside forces. Ultimately becoming “a victim of your circumstances.” you become a victim of your circumstances, and your future is being created for you.

However, in choosing to respond proactively, you take personal responsibility for your life rather than just watching how things go. You create your future, and you “become the cause.”

The problem is often you react before you realise it, I call this “the reactive response” and that takes away your choice or more accurately your subconscious mind has made the choice for you before you realise it.

Pause for thought?

Just take a moment to notice how you feel reading that statement.

Reread it if you have to because you need to notice any resistance you feel to accepting the life-changing wisdom contained within that short statement.

So, how did you feel? Amused, angry, disbelieving, accepting, denying or nothing.

What was going through your mind?

Maybe nothing, or were you thinking something along the lines of “it’s ok to say that, but they don’t know what I’m going through” or “Easier said than done”. It can be difficult to accept, especially if you have a disability of any kind, facing a life-threatening illness, have just lost a loved one, or face any other type of difficult situation. Whatever you were thinking or feeling, you are right: but does the way you think and feel work for you?

However, whatever the circumstances and whatever you feel or think about it, the reality of that statement remains a fact. The outcome of any situation depends upon how you deal with it. You may be thinking that there are circumstances that you have no control over, and you would be right. But even then, you do have control over how you react to whatever is happening. You always have a choice.

It is NOT WHAT happens BUT it is HOW you react that determines your future.

The So Let’s Key a simple six-step
Personal and Professional Spiritual Development strategy

  1. Stop the habitual or reactive response
  2. Open yourself up to new possibilities
  3. Listen to your inner dialogue
  4. Examine all the options open to you
  5. Take informed Action
  6. Stay focused
The biggest issue you are likely to have when working through this process is Stopping the habitual or reactive response.  The human condition will always offer challenges because of the power of the ego which draws on our fears. Fears of failure, loss, looking stupid, being hurt or even success. 
You alone can do it but you don’t need to do it alone. Please contact me if you are working with the So Let’s Key and need some additional help.


Stop the reactive response


open yourself up to possibilities


listen to your inner voice


examine the options

Take Action

take informed action

Unlock you true and authentic self with the So Let’s Key

How can I realise my full potential?

To unlock your true potential and create your life the way you choose you must believe in yourself. This is a key factor if you are to make real, profound and permanent changes in your life. There are several aspects to consider, these are your:






Once you have developed these aspects of your persona, the next step is to look at what you want to achieve and what you will do about it. You should let go of any blame or grudges you hold for others from the past as these will hold you back. You must accept responsibility for your life, stop making excuses, begin to make your life the best it can be and start to see yourself as a winner who does not give up.

You must also realise there is no such thing as failure. This is an important concept as, without this understanding, it would be easy for people to give up at the first sign of struggle. It is often the fear of failure that prevents people from even beginning the journey. The attitude one needs is that there is no such thing as failure it is just a learning process, which will bring success nearer.

Let me be your personal guide on your journey to creating your life the way you want it to be. By using a variety of gentle, intuitive, and effective approaches, tailored to your needs I will enable you to discover and implement the solutions that will work for you.

Don’t let your life be controlled by past experiences or limiting beliefs about what you feel you cannot do. You owe it to yourself to be your best. I guarantee you friendly, nonjudgmental and confidential help, mentoring or coaching. Contact me NOW and regain control of your life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain

You alone can do It
but you don’t need to do it alone

Ignoranti quem portum petat nullus suus ventus est

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable.
Seneca, Εp. ad Luc.

Feeling Confused?

You alone can do it but you don't need to do it alone.

You want to unlock your true and authentic self!

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You alone can do it but you don't need to do it alone.

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